Fire as a hazard for life and property has always been a concern for any city. Ancient cities had their own strict regulations for fire safety. But as the organisation of civilisations and cities became more and more complex, fire safety regulations have also become more detailed and stringent. Establishment of proper fire codes and regulation is today a national policy of most countries.

In India fire safety regulations are clearly specified in the National Building Code (NBC). Although a national policy, States have the responsibility of making their own code. The code contains standard requirements for the design and construction of any developed building. There are three aims in establishing fire safety protocols:
  • Guaranteeing safety of life
  • Protecting property. This includes plant and equipment on site.
  • Protection of operations
Defaulting on NBC can lead to severe penalties, withdrawal of sanction and, in case construction was carried out, demolition.

Fire fighting safety equipment

There are some essential fire safety equipment that you need at a property. While for most homes a fire extinguisher may be sufficient, a bigger property will need more than that. These include other equipment like alarms, blankets, safety sigs and first-aid box.

Alarm: This is a warning system. An alarm can immediately alert all occupants of any dangerous smoke hazard. With the alarm we can save lives even before the fire spreads. Traditionally this was a bell hung outside a house, which was connected to a heavy bell inside.
Today we have battery alarms that are interconnected to each other. One alarm triggers the entire system. However, these should be checked regularly. Many battery alarms come with indicator buttons to warn us in time.

Detection system: An early detection system can be invaluable. Detection systems use heat or smoke. Some use a combination of both. The system is linked to fire alarms, triggering an immediate call when fire is detected. Some are connected to the local fire station. The automation of the detection system means that there is no chance of a human error, such as carelessness or ignorance. By connecting to the local station, it ensures an immediate wide response to an emergency.

Fire extinguisher: This is one of the most basic fire fighting safety equipment that even as individual home must have. There are different grades and types of extinguisher depending on the usage. One must ensure that the right type is selected.

Fire blanket: This is a handy equipment in case of a small fire. It works by smothering the fire with a blanket. This way we take out one of the most essential elements of a fire - oxygen.

Safety signs: Not strictly an equipment, but proper signage can be just as important in bigger buildings. Signages are essential in labelling equipment, indicating the path to safe areas and marking exit points from a building.

Fire escape ladder: What do you do when a fire has taken over your home? The only thing to do is to evacuate. The only safe way to do this from a higher floor is through a fire escape ladder. These lightweight ladders should be stored at an easily accessible place and should be easily dropped down from a window or balcony.

Fire Control Systems: Many buildings today are equipped with a sprinkler system that are automatically activated in case of fire. The sprinkler head release a fine mist of water to douse the fire. In areas with flammable liquid, electronic equipment etc where water can damage the stored property, a flood system is used for dousing fire. A gaseous flood cuts out the oxygen, preventing the fire from spreading. A warning system is sounded beforehand to ensure evacuation of all personnel.

Fire Hoses and hydrants:
In some places we may have fire hydrants placed for quick access to water. A canvass hose ensure that water from the hydrant can be taken to the affected location.


Most of the fire fighting safety equipment must be checked on a periodic basis. There are no margins of error when it comes to fire safety equipment. A faulty equipment is as good as no equipment at all. So, ensure periodic inspection of the fire extinguisher, smoke alarm, detection and control system. Above all, ensure that all residents are well aware of the safety protocols.
Manufacturers and suppliers often suggest people to install fire extinguishers at home and office buildings. It should be done everywhere inside galleries, home stairs, near the lift, etc.

Exporters of fire extinguishers in India will explain what to do with expired fire extinguishing products in this article. You will learn the best way to dispose of expired fire extinguishers properly as these can be toxic and dangerous to keep. 

 Learn The Basic

Fire extinguishers have certain types- most commonly used product is the dry chemical extinguisher. Dry extinguishers spray the fire with chemicals that cuts the contact of oxygen and extinguish the fire.

Such type of equipment is used in kitchens most of the time. These equipments are labeled with A-B-C that means they are use on certain materials, electrical fires, and chemical fires.

Carbon dioxide extinguisher is other type of equipment used to combat and control fire by breaking the supply of oxygen. Carbon dioxide extinguishers are usually used in offices, computer labs, chemical factories, and other places.

Foam based extinguisher is the third type of extinguisher used majorly on chemical fires that don't respond to the carbon dioxide or dry chemicals. CO2 based extinguishers are labeled with B-C fires. Foam based extinguishers contain finely powdered sand or metal to smother a fire that is untreatable with other types of extinguishers.

Fire extinguishers get expired after 2-3 years and it is important to dispose them. You need to check your extinguishing equipment to ensure that it can be recharged because there are some extinguishers that can be used for once.

Such extinguishers should not be put inside home trash or dropped into a local trash. You must call sanitation services for this. The professionals will instruct you to dispose these extinguishers in right way.

Ask manufacturers of fire extinguishers in India for sanitation services. Most of them are offering free disposal services to their clients. 


Fire extinguishing equipments range is vast and every product is intended with single objective- to combat fire when needed. Manufacturers of fire extinguishers today explain key points that one should consider while installing or even planning for installing fire fighting equipments to their premises and building. These are significant facts that one should remember every time while shopping or installing any fire extinguishing equipment into home or office premises. 
What best practices should be made by workers at workplace- this is what you will learn in this article.

Fire safety is trending and has become hot topic for workplace workers and staff members. While deaths and injury are common risks known to everyone, fires also destroy jobs. Moreover, many workplaces that are destroyed in fire mishaps are never returned to original shape. Every day fire mishaps happen and people are less prepared for the incident that results in major loss of lives and assets. Fire extinguishers manufacturers are sharing preventive measures with workers at workplaces that will protect them and guide them how to deal with fire incident if happen.
Fire fighters demand and expectation from their equipments are more as compared to other profession because in case their fire fighting equipments fail to perform during fire mishap, there can be loss of assets and life! However, to ensure proper functioning and prolong their life, we bring few tips that may help them to do so.
A fire extinguisher can be defined as a device which is used to control on put off a small fire and is the initial fire protection device. A fire extinguisher is a cylindrical vessel which can be hand held and it contains nitrogen or carbon-dioxide gasses which when expelled will put off a fire. It is also known as a flame extinguisher of simply extinguisher. Because of the size of the cylinder and the capacity of the gas present inside these fire extinguishers are ideal for small fires but not huge flames.

There are abounding conflagration extinguishers manufacturers who accommodate an advanced spectrum of blaze attention accessories which are acclimated to stop or ascendancy fire. Fire extinguisher manufacture accomplish and consign assorted ranges and varieties of blaze extinguishers and attention accessories in assorted sizes which can be abundantly acclimated for extenuative lives and acreage by putting out exceptionable blaze or by absolute it. In accordance of the appliance and the adjustment breadth such as for vehicles, industries, calm applications etc. fire extinguisher manufacturers action altered kinds of blaze aegis equipments which can play an important role for authoritative and suppressing baby fires afore they become massive.

Fire extinguisher manufacturers

Fire extinguishers have to be set up at places where they are easily reachable such as Garage, Top of basement staircase, Kitchen, Laundry room, Workshop, near an exit area, on a Visible High wall or inside the vehicles and can be used as first aid equipments when a fire breaks out. However they have to be kept out of the reach of children and away from any heat sources.

Different commercial ventures incline toward having changed sorts of flame dousers and other blaze ensuring gadgets supplied and introduced by the blaze quencher maker. Numerous flame dousers’ produces give practical and better scope of flame quenchers which are at standard with the set business norms. By and large, separated from flame dousers fire douser makers additionally produce other blaze battling supplies, for example, fire entryways, fire proof shoes, water hoses, access cubicles, extras for the blaze contenders and so forth.
Once Fire Extinguishers have been emptied after use, it should be properly refilled or recharged. In case, it has been used for a battle or emptied after misuse then it should be refilled. If you are not sure about the history of fire extinguishers and service label is also absent then it needs to be refilled. In any of the above situations, Fire Extinguishers Refilling is necessary and it should be done by qualified consultant only.